Speaker announcement: Sofia Segersson from Diabetesia

August 16, 2022
Sofia Segersson

Medical Device Product Life Cycle – a conference for QA & RA professionals!

We are happy to welcome the next speaker to our  Medical Device Product Life Cycle – QA/RA conference on the 26-27th of October in Lund:

Sofia will speak about a very interesting topic “Medical Devices as Part of Your Daily Life – the User Perspective”

“Living with a chronic condition such as type 1 diabetes requires 24/7 self care with no breaks or “cheat days”. Access to today’s medtech allows me to shift focus to living rather than just surviving. During my session I will share my experiences of diabetes medtech in my everyday life and the opportunities and freedom my gadgets have provided me with throughout the years. I will also talk about the importance of involving the end user when developing new medtech.”

Find out more about the Medical Device Product Life Cycle Conference by clicking here. Don’t miss the Early Bird price (until August 20th) – Get your ticket now!

We are looking forward to meeting you in Lund!