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Key2Compliance® solves all your training needs in terms of regulatory requirements, GMP, GXP and quality systems for pharmaceutical & medical device industry.

Knowledge of these requirements is an important key to developing, manufacturing and distributing safe and effective drugs and medical devices.

Quality systems training from Key2Compliance® makes the knowledge easily accessible, applicable and makes it clear how the regulatory requirements affect your business.  Learn more ›

Key2Compliance® helps you to:

  • Find the right training in GMP, GLP, GCP, GDP, QMS, QSR, MDR, IVDR and related regulatory requirements in Life Science.
  • Identify which level and scope of training is best suited to your needs
  • Train different staff categories in relevant parts of regulations; everything from introduction and overview to specialist training for specific professional roles
  • Train in related subjects such as communication, investigative work and auditing
  • Confirm that a training has provided the desired knowledge through various forms of verification tests
  • Make refresher training a positive and strengthening activity that leads to improvements in the business
  • Offer training both in classrooms and online, live or as interactive training on-demand at KEYcademy™.
  • Solve your training needs in large groups or at an individual level
  • Perform the same training in several different languages
  • Support knowledge management with the help of practical literature
Compliance Courses, Quality systems training

We solve your training needs with quality, flexibility and passion

We offer quality-assured compliance courses & training led by recognised and competent
lecturers with long experience and proven methodology. Our flexible solutions make the training easily accessible; in a city near you, on your premises, online, live or on demand. Of course, we also provide self-study materials when it suits you better.

Our passion for disseminating knowledge drives us to be accessible and create customised and effective training solutions. The objective of our compliance courses is that you should understand how the regulatory requirements can be applied in practice and what the current interpretations of these requirements look like. By using our test tools, you easily get a receipt that the training effort has had its desired effect.

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