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Key2Compliance® focuses on assisting companies in the life science area. We are a full-service partner that offers complete solutions in all aspects of our customers’ needs including but not limited to medical device, pharmaceutical consulting & compliance training.

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Key2Compliance® offers complete and optimised solutions within Regulatory compliance. It doesn’t matter what your needs are – Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Biological Evaluations and Toxicology, Clinical Development or Training  – everything is within our expertise. 

We make complex things easier – all the way from idea to market.

Upcoming Courses

Biological and Clinical Evaluations for Medical Devices

Biological and Clinical Evaluations Conference for Medical Devices

Oct 5
- Oct 6, 2021
Malmö, Sweden

Auditor/Lead Auditor - Läkemedel och medicinteknik

Oct 19
- Oct 21, 2021
Stockholm, Sweden

Validering og kvalificering

Nov 9
- Nov 10, 2021
Copenhagen, Denmark

Aseptic Manufacturing – Maintaining the validated state

Nov 15
- Nov 16, 2021
Copenhagen, Denmark

Kvalitetssystemkrav för Medicinteknik

Nov 16
- Nov 18, 2021
Stockholm, Sweden

Strategic communication

Nov 16
- Nov 17, 2021
Copenhagen, Denmark

Cleaning validation of pharmaceutical process equipment

Nov 17
- Nov 18, 2021
Copenhagen, Denmark

Biological evaluation of Medical Devices

Nov 22
- Nov 23, 2021
Copenhagen, Denmark

Konstruktionsstyrning – Design Control för Medicintekniska produkter

Nov 23
- Nov 24, 2021
Stockholm, Sweden

Grundkurs i GMP och kvalitetssystem (Göteborg)

Nov 23
Göteborg, Sweden

GMP-krav på datoriserade system

Nov 24
- Nov 25, 2021
Stockholm, Sweden

Grunnkurs i GMP og kvalitetssystem

Nov 25
Oslo, Norway

Science, Risk and Statistics-based Cleaning Process Development and Validation

Nov 29
- Nov 30, 2021
Copenhagen, Denmark

Grundlæggende om GMP (Copenhagen)

Nov 30
Copenhagen, Denmark

Tools to Decrease Human Errors

Dec 1
- Dec 2, 2021

GMP Compliance Auditing

Dec 6
- Dec 7, 2021
Copenhagen, Denmark

Valid Statistical Techniques Made Easy

Dec 7
- Dec 9, 2021
Amsterdam, Netherlands

EU Annex 1 - Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products

Dec 7
- Dec 8, 2021
Copenhagen, Denmark

Compliance training from Key2Compliance® makes the knowledge easily accessible, applicable and makes it clear how the regulatory requirements affect your business.

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