Focalcube eQMS

A collaboration with MEDOS

Key2Compliance® now offer our customers the introduction of a QMS directly in Medos cloud solution for quality management – Focalcube. Focalcube is the IT support for any company in the industry, who want to start a new business with support and structure for their QMS. 

It may also be that you want to update your old paper-based system to create a more active and vibrant quality system. Maybe you want to work more locally, internationally or just more flexibly. The reasons for acquiring a better infrastructure for your company may be several. 

And all this for an unbeatable price tag!

Get full control

As a company, you always have a lot to gain from switching from a paper-based QMS to a cloud-based digital system. With IT support such as Focalcube, you get full control from wherever you work. Audits and inspections can be carried out remotely. 

Everyone in your staff always have full access to the entire QMS, including all cases and other documentation, and you can thereby maintain the quality required for a modern and efficient medical device company. Focalcube helps you systematize your affairs, suppliers, meetings, audits and your improvement work. You get a tool to involve everyone in the work. Long-term and recurring problems are made visible and you get support in your priorities. 

Happy employees and happy customers! We help you with both installation and maintenance of Focalcube as well as review of all SOPs and routines. 

We implement it throughout the organization at a pace that makes everyone clear about how and why it should be used. From frustrated to calm and confident in less than a couple of weeks.

Document signing and distribution

Focalcube is now extended with functions for electronic signatures and distribution of documents, “read and understood” records, and automatic updates of meta-data in Office documents.

With the new functions in Focalcube document management we introduce new possibilities to manage document electronically. We have implemented the following functions to meet our customers need to digitalize the document workflow.

  • Signing with Assently (legal binding signatures, fully integrated)
  • Distrubution with ”read and understood”
  • Automatic updating the meta-data in Office documents (ID, revision, title, author, valid from, and valid until)

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