In-house training

Why choose an In-house course?

We provide in-house courses and training within all our expertise areas. If you are more than 6-7 attendees it is just as cost effective to arrange an in-house course as it would be to attend a public course.  We offer our in-house courses online, on-site or at a location near you. Find your course in our standard course catalogue, or make an inquiry below for a customized course based on your specific training needs.

In-house training

Customized In-House training

If none of our standard courses meet your training needs we do customized training tailored to meet your company’s specific criteria’s. To better understand your needs, we would like you to take these questions into account when contacting us with regards to a booking request.

  • What topics do you want to include in the training?

  • Experience and knowledge level in the group? Similar or varied?

  • How many participants do you want to take part in the training?

  • Are there any specific routines that need improvement?

  • Would you like a verification test after the training?

  • Extent of the training, and preferable timeframe?

  • Online or as a on-site course at your location?

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3B Method

Apr 18

Accelerated Biological Drug Substance Manufacturing

Acceptance Sampling Plans: Inspection by Attributes

Mar 29

Acceptance Sampling Plans: Inspection by Variables

Mar 30

An overview of IEC 62304 Medical Device software


Application for clinical investigations

Apr 28

Applying Control Charts for Visualizing and Detecting Trends

May 3

Are Your Data Normal or Not?

May 11

Auditor / Lead Auditor - Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

Jun 13
- Jun 15, 2023
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Auditor/Lead Auditor - Läkemedel och medicinteknik

May 2
- May 4, 2023
Stockholm, Sweden

Basic course in GLP - Good Laboratory Practice

Mar 23

Batch Record Review and Investigations

Behavior Readiness -handling difficult behaviors in the Audit Room

Biological evaluation of Medical Devices

Feb 7
- Feb 8, 2023

CAPA and root cause analysis, tools for an effective CAPA process