Welcome to Key2Compliance form for reporting of concerns related to unethical, illegal or unsafe work-related activities within the organization (whistleblowing), in accordance with our Whistleblowing policy

By using the below form for reporting, your report is anonymous, unless you choose to reveal your identity by including your email. Providing your email will enable the possibility for use to ask clarifying questions, as well as receive information regarding actions related to the report.

Please provide as much details as possible, including what has happened, when did it happen, where did it take place and who is involved, if available – this will aid the investigation process.

The form will be directed to an external HR partner, who will ensure follow up by applicable functions within the company.
Your email address, if provided, will not be disclosed to Key2Compliance.

Report form

Whistleblowing Policy (POL 06 )

This policy applies to all employees, contractors, vendors, and other stakeholders associated with Key2Compliance.

Key2Compliance is committed to follow applicable laws and regulations, and to protect those who sound the alarm about any misconduct within the company’s operations, in accordance with the law on the protection of individuals reporting irregularities (SFS 2021:890). We encourage our employees, customers and other stakeholders to report concerns related to unethical, illegal or unsafe workrelated activities within the

By this policy, Key2Compliance is dedicated to:

  • Treat reports with confidentially to the extent permitted by law. Retaliation against individuals making goodfaith reports is strictly prohibited and will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Promptly and thoroughly investigate all reports by an impartial and qualified team. Updates on the investigation progress will be communicated 3 months to the reporting person.
  • Document all reports and investigations, and maintain records in accordance with legal requirements.

Reporting by external stakeholders can be done either directly to
whistleblowing@key2compliance.com, or through our whistleblowing form above. Employees can either whistleblow directly to their manager, HR representative or CEO, or through the same process as external stakeholders. Further information regarding internal procedures is described in WI 0204.

This policy will be periodically reviewed to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with any changes in laws or regulations. Amendments will be made as needed.

Contact Information: For questions or concerns regarding this policy, contact whistleblowing@key2compliance.com.