The GMP Handbook – quality systems for the pharmaceutical industry


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Language : English

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After thousands of training hours in the Pharmaceutical industry, Anna Lundén has earned a good understanding for what kind of GMP knowledge that is requested, both for the employees in this industry as well as for people in adjacent companies as suppliers, consultants and contractors.

Now Anna Lundén have gathered the most important facts in this book:
• Basic knowledge about GMP in a clear and easy to read style
• Suitable for self studies and to note references to one’s own activities
• Tables with detailed references to the requirements for procedures and records in both FDA and EU GMP texts and a comparison of different terms
• A unique appendix with cross-references between the GMP requirements and ISO 9001

Author: Anna Lundén
Pages: 132 + Annexes 52
Language: English
Publisher: Key2Compliance AB
Published: Jan 28, 2020
Edition: 6
ISBN: 978-91-983174-5-9




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