Play4GMP® boardgame for Quality Systems training, Medical Device


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Language : English

The Quality Systems board game that tests and improves your QS compliance, knowledge, attitude and awareness!

Play4GMP® is a fun, challenging, and interactive learning game for team members with diverse QS experience and knowledge.

Play4GMP® will reveal all you know, and don’t know about Quality systems, but in the end all participants have gained knowledge that improves the team attitude and awareness, necessary for QS compliance.

Even though Play4GMP® is fun and amusing, it is also a professional learning tool to establish and enhance the knowledge of Quality systems.

Industry field:
Medical Device industry

No of players:
2-4 teams of 1-4 participants

Playing time:
With 4 teams 1-3 hours depending on what winning conditions you choose

Challange questions in the categories: Production & Process Controls Design Control, CAPA and Management Controls.
News cards with Good news, Bad news, Questions and Major issues

Dimension: Board 480x480mm
Language: English
Publisher: Key2Compliance AB




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