Equipment Management in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

with a Focus on Calibration


A Continuing Education opportunity for the Responsible Person and the WDA holder

Course description

Another Continuing Education webinar to support the ongoing development of the Responsible Person,the WDA holder and quality assurance professionals.

Wholesale distributors must have suitable and adequate equipment. In my experience as an inspector, management of this equipment is often non-compliant. This webinar will guide you through the best ways to manage equipment.

Calibration is often misunderstood by staff, resulting in dependence on equipment that is not fit for purpose. This easy to follow guide will help you identify what to look for when requesting calibration of temperature monitoring devices.

Computers and electronic automation aspects of equipment are not covered in this webinar.

Course content

  • Risk evaluation and equipment criticality
  • Equipment selection and qualification
  • Operating instructions
  • Equipment identification and logs
  • Calibration
  • Equipment inspection routines
  • Cleaning, repair and maintenance

Who should attend

This webinar is intended for the Responsible Person named on the WDA, the holder of the WDA, third party storage and transport providers, and Quality Assurance professionals.


Date & Time
2 hours

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