Behavioral Strategies that Increase Compliance

Course description

Have you ever wondered why there tends to be an unsatisfactory rate of personnel related discrepancies despite employees receiving continuous training?

Working within the pharmaceutical or medical device discipline, you are aware of how imperative it is to maintain high standards of compliance. Mere mistakes resulting from poor personnel handling are just not acceptable!

What if there was a way to significantly decrease those inconsistencies in the workplace? What if you could compel not only employees, but also Customers/Suppliers to behave in a desired manner?

In this fun, yet highly informative course, you will be introduced to the idea behind decreasing human errors through behavioural science, covering: methods of persuasion, choice architecture, nudging, and behavioural design. You will also understand the process the mind goes through when having to make changes. You will then analyze previous case studies alongside the instructor and finally utilize theories and tools that have been validated to work to shape and change behaviour.

This lesson is 65% theoretical (with countless examples) and 35% practical (quizzes and group work is given).

Course outline

Day 1

  • Introduction – Humans are Rational!
  • An Explanation for Personnel Related Discrepancies within the Workplace
    • KAP model explanation
    • Cognitive Biases
    • Internal and External Barriers
  • Utilizing & Understanding Behavior Science Models before Changing Behavior
    • Stages of Change
    • B4UNudgeThem™ Framework
  • Group Exercise
  • The How2NudgeThem™ Framework (covering relevant principles/effects)
    • Triggers
    • Schemas
    • Spreading Activation
    • Priming
    • Anchoring Effect
    • Contrast Effect
    • Consistency Principle
    • Commitment Principle
    • Convey High Expectations
    • Social Proof (Group Exercise)
    • Liking Principle
      • Similarity Bias
      • Mere Exposure effect
      • Compliments
    • Contact & Cooperation Principle
    • Introduction to Choice Architecture
    • Incentives
    • Understand Mapping
    • Defaults
    • Give Feedback
    • Expect Error
    • Structure Complex Choices
  • Sum up of Day 1
  • Day 2
  • What is Nudging
    • Practitioner’s Guide to Nudging
      • Dimensions of Nudges*
      • Design stages
    • Nudging, Persuasion, and Choice Architecture: Case Studies – Quiz
    • Creative brainstorm with Instructor (solve a problem with NudgeThem© Tool kit)
  • Bring/discuss a problem from work
    • Group Work: Map the context of a workplace problem derived from human error
    • Group Work: Identify Levers and Select Nudge
    • Group Work: First Design framework
  • Present and feedback from instructor

*Quizzes will cover these areas throughout the course

Learning objectives

By the end of the two-day course, attendees will gain the skill set necessary to know which construct the behavioural issue(s) originates and the steps needed to initiate the stages of change. This course will provide the attendees with more tools to strengthen their competences within:

  • Strategic change management
  • Persuasive Organizational communications
  • and Creative innovation

They will also have a general understanding on which behavioural strategy/strategies should be considered when needing to fix a problem or increase a good behaviour (each discrepancy must be approached independently). Attendees will also have a solid sense of mapping the context of the unwanted behaviour and know the process needed for proper design steps to the behavioural strategy elected

Who should attend

This course is intended for:

  • Team Leaders and Management within Quality Assurance and/or Production/Product Supply
  • Specialists, Professionals, and/or Project Managers responsible for change management, strategic operation, stakeholder management, training and/or global communication
  • Internal/External Lead Auditors
  • Team Leaders and Management within Regulatory Affairs and Research and Development should also attend
  • Risk management personnel, Compliance, and/or Health and Safety specialists


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Date & Time
IndustryMedical Device, Pharmaceuticals
LevelBasic, Intermediate

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