Susanne Søeborg new Country Manager for Key2Compliance in Denmark

May 5, 2022
Susanne F Søeborg

Medtech and pharmaceutical consultants Key2Compliance opened an office in Denmark just over a month ago. Now, the Danish business has got a new Country Manager. ”I look forward to helping Danish companies get their products on the market,” said Susanne Søeborg.

Susanne Søeborg has extensive experience from the medtech sector. She has a master’s degree in biology and most recently came from a position at Radiometer Medical.

”For the past fourteen years, I’ve worked with sales and support in in vitro equipment. So I come from companies that have developed and produced equipment themselves. In addition, I have worked with sales to hospitals – so I know a little something about quality, and a lot about the commercial part.”

”In addition, I’ve taught doctors and nurses in hospitals. The hospital system has great need for innovative solutions that can improve the care and safety for patients, and make work easier for the staff,” she adds.

Key2Compliance’s ambition is to grow significantly in the Danish market. The plan is to continue recruiting Danish consultants within Medtech and Pharma, with a special focus on Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. They already have a close collaboration with the experienced consultant Per H Damgaard, who has been linked even closer to the business since the Danish establishment.

Susanne Søeborg sees great opportunities for growth in Denmark.

“Denmark is a leader in research and development in healthcare. There is a strong focus on those issues. And where there is a focus, there is a need. The requirements for pharma and medtech companies have become and will become stricter. It will be more difficult for companies to solve the regulatory challenges they face. They will need help with that complexity”.

Key2Compliance CEO, Jan Hellqvist, shares her analysis of the Danish market and is optimistic about the future.

“Susanne’s experience, drive and knowledge will make a big difference. I look forward to supporting her in the work of pursuing our issues, recruiting staff, and expanding our operations in Denmark. The coming years will be exciting and eventful,” he said.

Key2Compliance works with medical device companies, in vitro diagnostics companies, and pharmaceutical companies in six business areas:

  • Medical Device QA
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Biological Evaluations & Toxicology
  • Clinical Development
  • Pharma QA
  • Education and courses

Key2Compliance was founded in the 1990s by Anna Lundén and Lars-Eric Ellow. Symbioteq, which bought Key2Compliance last year, was founded at the same time by Tomas Camnell. Anna Lundén and Tomas Camnell are still active in the company.

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