Upcoming FREE Webinar: What about CAPA?

November 20, 2023

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What about CAPA?

Do you have a systematic approach to identifying, addressing, and preventing issues that could impact product quality or patient safety? Do you have death by CAPA? Or is it somewhere in between?

Sign up for our upcoming FREE WEBINAR on December 6th, at 09.00! Join a 40-minute theoretic and practical solution to your CAPA issues with our experts Åsa Möllby and Ella Wilhelmsson.

What are the requirements for CAPA and how can they practically be solved? In addition to identifying the requirements, we will show you how you easily address them using the web-based QMS system Focalcube, which makes dealing with CAPA so much smoother. Let us help you create an effective CAPA system that increases your chances to focus on the essentials! 🌟