Meet Anna-Karin Andermo – our new QA Manager

December 8, 2022

Key2Compliance continues to grow, and the person that will ensure evolvement and improvement of our Quality Management System, QMS, is Anna-Karin Andermo – our new Quality Manager.

Anna-Karin is already a familiar face at Key2Compliance where she has been active as senior regulatory affairs consultant for several years, helping our customers fulfilling regulations and making complex things easier. Her earlier roles include working as a consultant and manager within QA/RA, which she will continue to do alongside her new role as QA Manager. This is something Anna-Karin sees equally beneficial for both roles. “It will be fun and stimulating to be able to help Key2Compliance grow and evolve, at the same time as I can continue to help our customers. My experience from working with QMS out in the field is very valuable when it comes to working with our own Quality Management; and everything that I learn from that process, I can bring to our customers. And it will be a pleasure to work more closely with my colleagues here at Key2Compliance.”

From fulfilling ISO 9001 to help the company grow in a smart way

As QA Manager, Anna-Karin is responsible for maintaining and improving the ISO 9001 certified QMS and introducing new employees to the system. She’s also part of Key2Compliance’s management team, helping the company expand and improve. She has had a busy first month, with the 9001-certification audit being the highlight or her introduction. “We have just had our annual recertification audit, and it went really well. Our audit showed that we have a good QMS and that we fulfil all criteria for our ISO 9001 certification. We have a very good foundation to stand on, and now we can continue to build on that system. Key2Compliance is growing, and we need to make sure that our QMS grows in a smart way together with us, making it suitable for a larger company with more business areas, and at the same time continue to be easy to follow.” says Anna-Karin. “Our QMS needs to be simple and suitable for all our business areas and everyone working in them. Both those who have experience of QA and those who are new to it – just the way we work with our customers.”

Key2Compliance’s CEO Jan Hellqvist is very happy to see Anna-Karin as the new QA Manager: “Anna-Karin has a lot of experience, and she’s a very valuable addition as we continue our growth journey. Having her in this role will ensure that our own QMS will continue to progress. This is an important investment for Key2Compliance as improvement and evolvement are what we stand for.”