Key2Compliance joins the innovative community at GoCo House Office Hub

February 7, 2023
GoCo House

Key2Compliance are excited to announce our move to GoCo House’s Office Hub in Gothenburg, Sweden. We moved into the Office Hub on February 1st 2023 and see GoCo as a strategic location for our continued expansion, offering opportunities to collaborate with partners and customers in an inspiring work environment.

GoCo House’s Office Hub is a co-working space in the signature building that has received great interest since its launch. Key2Compliance joins a range of innovative companies in GoCo Health Innovation City, including Health Innovation West, Garmin Health, MPYA Sci & Tech, Semcon, HumbleBee, Lipigon Pharmaceuticals, and SciLifeLab/GU.

”GoCo is a vibrant center for innovation in life science, which will give us good opportunities to collaborate with partners as well as customers. GoCo House opens up new opportunities for our educational activities and as a part of being an attractive employer, we also want to offer an inspiring and pleasant work environment. We believe that GoCo provides it all”, says Jan Hellqvist, CEO of Key2Compliance.

GoCo House opened in early 2023 and is expected to be an important hub within the health industry. The mix of activities and companies in GoCo House is expected to offer a mix of health and innovation activities, bringing together the business sector, academia, and healthcare in one place.