Jeanette Demorney; the new Director of the Clinical Development business area

November 14, 2023
Jeanette Demorney

Medtech and Pharmaceutical consultants Key2Compliance sharpens its Clinical Development offer and recruits experienced Business Developer and Project Leader Jeanette Demorney.

“I believe I can contribute with a broader way of thinking about business development within a Medtech and IVD focused CRO”, she said.

Jeanette Demorney has a solid background in both the healthcare and the Life Science sectors. She has held roles such as lead nurse at ER’s, coordinator of a research group at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Medical Affairs Manager in a medical device start-up company, and project manager and business developer within a CRO.

“I believe I can contribute with a broader way of thinking about business development within CRO, maybe think a little outside the box, and be a little less conventional. Based on my background and experience, I naturally find it easy to talk to people from the healthcare sector. I know the language, their needs, and challenges. The Medical Device and IVD Companies need a lot of support with their Clinical Strategy and design of their clinical program, this is also an area where I can be an asset to our clients”, said Jeanette Demorney.

She emphasizes the importance of Key2Compliance being able to support collaborations between clients and to find solutions to common problems.

“We have many conversations with our customers where we try to solve their problems. Remarkably, they often have roughly the same problem. I’ve always believed we need to bring them together to be able to address the current problems more successfully. The entire industry is grappling with issues of convergence. How do we meet, and with what agenda?

She continues:

“I believe in transparency; it’s not dangerous to share one’s setbacks and successes. Sharing generously is a path to success – not least for the healthcare system and the patient. That’s our aim, isn’t it? If we can act as a facilitator for such meetings and knowledge exchanges, it would be an important achievement.”

With the new recruitment of Jeanette Demorney, the offer within Clinical Development is further strengthened. In recent years, Key2Compliance has grown significantly, and expanded in all areas. The number of business areas have increased from three to six, the workforce has expanded from 20 to roughly 75 employed consultants and a new office has opened in Copenhagen.

“I am very happy and proud to welcome Jeanette Demorney to Key2Compliance. She has a solid background and valuable experience that will strengthen our business even more. I look forward to working with her and her team”, said Jan Hellqvist, CEO of Key2Compliance.

The department for Clinical Development consists of approximately 20 people, all with cutting-edge expertise and extensive experience in clinical trials and clinical evaluations. They are all focused on Medical Device and In Vitro Diagnostic companies, even though they support some Pharma Companies as well.

“I’m still getting to know them, but so far, I’ve got a very good feeling. It really feels like a passionate team, that can appreciate what an incredibly meaningful job we have”, said Jeanette Demorney.

For further information, please contact:
Jan Hellqvist, CEO