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Terms and conditions for inhouse course bookings

Terms for inhouse corses in other languages:   

Cancellation/rescheduling of bookings

Booking is binding and when you have received our confirmation the following conditions are known and accepted.

All cancellations/reschedules must be communicated with and confirmed by us.

Cancellations/reschedules received less than 30 calendar days before course start are charged with 50% of the price + non-refundable travel costs..

Cancellations/reschedules received less than 14 calendar days before course start are charged with 100% of the price + non-refundable travel costs.


We normally invoice the course directly after completion. Payment terms 30 days net. If not otherwise agreed, the travel cost are invoiced as the actual cost plus an environmental fee, as well as the number of certificates, tests and excess number of participants.

Course notes

If you have ordered a handout file of the course material, a PDF file is sent by email (or a download service) 3-5 days prior to the course.
Your company is responsible for the internal distribution.

Considering the environment, we encourage the course attendees to bring a laptop / tablet to the course for accessing the handouts - it is possible to make notes in the PDF file.

If you prefer to have printed course notes - just print the PDF file.
We suggest 2 images/page, 2-sided printing.

Course certificates

If you have ordered certificates of attendance, we need a participant list.
NOTE. The list may not be handwritten. For the prevention of misspelled names, we prefer to get the names in a computer file (e.g. Word or Excel).
The PDF certificates are delivered by email as a single file for you to distribute to the participants.

In accordance with our procedures for managing and protecting personal data, we save participant information for 5 years after the course date. Should you have lost your certificate, we can recreate it for an administrative fee of 15 Euro.
This is only applicable if individual certificates were included in the order and the name must be on our archived attendance list.

If you wish to order a certificate on behalf of another person, we require some form of request from the person concerned due to our integrity policy.

Online verification tests

The test result will be sent to the participant by email immediately after the test. Your course administrator can get copies of the result upon request. Note. To the integrity of the test, we are only reporting the result, never the questions or answers.

If you have ordered certificates and the participant passed the test, this will be mentioned on the certificate.