Knowledge matters


How I see it - Layla Hohn

When you attend our courses, you should have an overall great experience! To achieve that, we work hard to ensure that the content is relevant and of high quality, that the lecturers are competent and have the right knowledge, but we also strive for everything around it to work smoothly.

A lot of effort has been put in on finding a suitable venue for the purpose, that it is close to the airport, that the food is good, that the technology is optimal, etc. All for the overall experience for you as a customer to be optimal.

We are constantly working to become even better. Such as we are also looking for new places for our courses in other countries, to make sure that our course facilities are easy to access. We are constantly looking at new premises that better match our wishes.


"We are always on hand to assist if you as a customer need help with anything or have any questions. So, come to us with your questions and wishes!"

How I see it

If you buy a book shelf and put it together in accordance with the supplied “validated” instruction manual, it will most probably stand steady in your living room. But if you don´t bother to follow instructions, it may end up with a shelf being placed in the wrong direction, and if you then place an items on that shelf, it will perhaps fall apart.

It is the same way with your quality management system. You need your manual (your quality procedures) on how to manufacture your products. If you don’t follow these procedures or lack procedures, there is a high probability that something goes wrong in the production of your product. It may just cause a delay in the production process, but it can also cause worse things like quality problems and potential harm to the patient or user of your product. Another aspect may be criticism from authorities during inspections.


"The key to success is knowledge – with more knowledge about requirements – the less mistakes there will be."