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In-house training

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Are you a group in need of the same training?
Do you wish to customize a standard course to suit your needs?

If so, an in-house course is probably the best and most cost effective solution.

This is our main business and we have a large network of experienced and skilled instructors that can help you.

Course concept and topics

We have a number of training concepts, based on our standard courses, retraining courses and customized courses.
To be able to understand your needs we have a check list with things to consider:

  • What topics/areas?
  • Basic or advanced level? Retraining?
  • How long since the last training?
  • Experience and knowledge level of the group. Variations?
  • How many participants? If many, maximum group size?
  • Specific areas in need of improvment?
  • Need of pre-study, audit or diagnostic test?
  • Verification test after training?
  • How long?
  • When?
  • Where? (See: Location alternatives)

Location alternatives

The most common option is that we are coming to your site or a nearby venue.
You make all the practical arrangements.

On location
We arrange a course at a venue near you.
We make all the practical arrangements.

For limited topics we can run the course as an on-line webinar.
It can be one or a series of sessions.
1-30 participants, maximum 90 minutes per session.

Make an enquiry

Please specify group size, experience level, specific topics, location and time plan in the Other info field.

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