"We provide knowledge and information about CGMP and Quality Systems to the Life Science industry"

About Us

Key2Compliance® is an independent international network providing its training and products to a variety of functions in the Life Science industry, from development to market in terms of Quality Systems and GMP compliance.

The Key2Compliance® business idea:

"We provide knowledge and information about CGMP and Quality Systems to the Life Science industry"

By helping organisations to comply with GMP/QS-expectations, to enhance workforce knowledge and motivation and to promote a correct attitude towards quality, we believe we contribute to the supply of safe health care products - and in a wider perspective we save lives.

These are our guiding principles

Reliable – we clearly describe our offers and deliver what we promise
Credible – we always refer to our sources and we separate between fact based interpretations and possibly biased opinions
Innovative – we develop, evaluate and offer novel concepts and methods for information and training
Customer focus – we listen to our customers, we customize and adapt to their needs

Our quality policy

  • Whenever we communicate – internally or externally – we shall be clear, service minded and competent.
  • Our services and products shall fulfil or exceed the expectations of our clients and partners.
  • Our quality system shall enable us to continually improve our services and products.

Our environmental policy is to:

  • Work with continuous improvements so that our activities effect on the environment is reduced.
  • Consider the environmental aspects when purchasing incidental material, printed matters and inventories and when planning travels.
  • Inform and make the employees involved in our policy and efforts.
  • Cut down the use of printed material and postal services by sending documents, invoices, offers, certificates etc. in digital format.
  • Be careful with the use of energy and other resources.
  • Choose the supplier with the best environmental alternative when the technical features are equivalent.
  • Sort our waste for recovery/destruction

Our segments

  • Public courses and seminars
  • In-house training
  • Literature
  • Products for self-study and evaluation/verification

Our companies and their history in short

Key2Compliance AB (former Lundén/Ellow ab)

Key2Compliance AB (Lundén/Ellow ab) was founded 1995 in Stockholm, Sweden, to offer the pharmaceutical industry in Sweden and in neighbouring countries technical consultation and training. In 1996 a collaboration started with Mr. John Y. Lee, Pharmaceutical Compliance Associates in N.Y. (US), which led to an expansion of activities and also a diversion towards international GMP courses.

In 2013 the company became Key2Compliance AB.

In April 2017 we started a collaboration with the consultancy company Symbioteq Kvalitet AB.
Our consultancy services for the Medical Device are handled by Symbioteq and their training activities are included in the Key2Compliance® course program. Symbioteq Kvalitet AB is also a part owner of Key2Compliance AB.

EuroGMP AB (from 2014 incorporated into Key2Compliance AB)

EuroGMP® was founded 1999 as a joint venture company between Lundén/Ellow ab and Mr. John Y. Lee. The company's objective was to create a European GMP training network where we could offer on-site CGMP training in local languages. With EuroGMP® we established our concept in major European countries such as English, French, German, Danish and Norwegian speaking regions.

Lars-Eric Ellow and Anna Lundén
Founders and part owners

Our Trademarks


Is our Trademark for the GMP training concept of our company and our affiliate network. The training programs offered within the Key2Compliance® training network are carefully selected to fulfill CGMP training and education needs in specific areas. The main objective of our training programs is practical and current applications. We fulfill this objective by recruiting and assigning instructors who are recognized experts in their field of interest, with hands-on practical industry experience and/or regulatory experience.

Compliance Seminars®

Our program for public training


The GMP training board game


Our free on-line source for GMP and Quality Systems compliance documents.
Speed up your search for regulatory texts and guidance documents related to GMPs, Quality system regulations and warning letters! www.gate2gmp.com


On-line tool for diagnostic and verification tests in connection to training.

Our support/sponsor projects

Plan International - Because I am a Girl

Because I am a Girl supports the youth-led, global movement for girls’ rights and gender equality. Across the world girls suffer injustices every day simply because they are young and female.
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Trine - Solar energy

Trine is a crowd-investment initiative for solar energy in Africa.
The objective is to produce clean energy to people with poor access to electricity. Customers have access to clean and affordable energy, up to 50% cheaper than current energy sources.
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Barncancerfonden - Team Rynkeby (Swedish Children's Cancer Fund)

Team Rynkeby is a Nordic charity cycling team. Every summer they cycle to Paris to raise money for children with critical illnesses.
We are proud to be a "Gold sponsor" for this project.
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Contact information

Key2Compliance AB

Tjädervägen 10
SE-181 56 Lidingö, SWEDEN
Phone: +46-(0)8-544 811 60
e-mail: info@key2compliance.com