Pierre Devaux

Microbiologist Pharmacist – Co-Owner and Scientific Director of Theraxel

Expert Manufacture Of Biotechnological, Biological & Sterile Medicinal Products and Cross Contamination

Quality Risk Management, Biological Control & Contamination Control Strategy, Cross Contamination Control Strategy and Cleaning Validation
International Good Manufacturing Practices

He has the following experience:

  • 6 years as responsible for the quality control laboratories and the management of the environmental monitoring of the ZAC of the Excelvision Fareva French site;
  • 5 years as Qualified Person/Quality Director of the ACM Pharma French laboratory, while carrying out consulting missions via the company UPS Consultants.
  • Head within the French Association A3P of the Common Interest Group on GMP Annex 15 and Cleaning Validation.
  • Speaker for ISPE Nordic and Trainer for A3P Services as well as for Key2Compliance®.
Pierre Devaux
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