Bart Croonenborghs

Bart Croonenborghs is a PhD in nuclear and solid state physics, from Leuven University in Belgium. He joined Sterigenics International in 2005 and currently serves as Technical Director Irradiation. Throughout his career with Sterigenics, Dr. Croonenborghs has performed IQ/OQ validation of gamma and electron beam irradiators; designed and executed Process Definition programs (establishing of sterilization and maximum acceptable dose) as well as PQ dose mapping for Sterigenics customers – specifically those in the field of pharmaceuticals or biologics. Bart is actively involved in industry committees, task forces and working groups,. As a Working group member since 2009, he is representing Belgium on ISO TC 198 WG 2 Radiation Sterilization, and is also a member of ASTM E61 and the Irradiation Panel.

Dr. Bart Croonenborghs

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