Anette Sjögren

Anette has over 30 years of experience from medical device and pharma industry as QA, RA, QP and the tasks within the medical fields such as quality and risk management, clinical affairs, toxicology and biocompatibility. Anette is a member of the Swedish (TK355) and the international Technical (TC210) committees since 2010. Since 2003 Anette is […]

Lena Baard

Lena Baard, the founder and proprietor of Florian Consulting AB, boasts over a decade of experience working with sterile medical devices. With a rich work-life background spanning more than 20 years in the Life Science industry, she has gained extensive expertise in both pharmaceutical manufacturing and Medical Device Manufacturing companies. Lena possesses specialized knowledge in […]

Anna Sahlholm

Anna Sahlholm

Anna Sahlholm is employed at Key2Compliance® and has more than 15 years of experience from product and process development in close collaboration with research and within the medical device industry. Anna has worked with research, product development, strategic product management, clinical evaluations, processes for traceability, risk management, quality, and regulatory compliance for a variety of products. Anna’s […]

Anna Lundén

Anna Lundén

Anna Lundén is Director, Strategic development Pharma and part owner in Key2Compliance AB. She works in close contact with the industry with both training and consultancy and has developed various training modules for many different levels of employees, from top management to line operators. She has long experience of working with European companies dealing with […]

Peter L. Knepell

Dr Pete Knepell is president of Peak Quality Services in Colorado Springs, CO. Since 1988 he has trained thousands of professionals in quality systems and quality improvement methodologies. His past clients include: several defence agencies, the Canadian Red Cross, Sony, Corning, Texas Instruments, Xerox, Hewlett Packard, Heritage Valley Health System, GlaxoSmithKline, Amgen, GE Healthcare, Roche […]

Åse Ek

Åse Ek

Åse Ek is employed at Key2Compliance® and has more than 20 years of experience in the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industries. Åse has worked with product development, project management and quality and regulatory issues. In recent years, especially with QA / RA in post market surveillance and issues related to public procurement, marketing, and distribution. […]

Erika Egrelius

Erika Egrelius has been quality manager in medical device manufacturing and lab manager in Quality Control (Chemistry and Microbiology) for over 15 years. Erika is a qualified auditor and has training in industry-specific areas such as. ISO 13485, MDD and QSR (21 CFR 820). She has also completed University studies in Economics, Leadership and LEAN […]

Tomas Camnell

Tomas Camnell is working at Key2Compliance® and has 35 years of experience of working in the life science field and more than 30 years’ experience of consultancy work and trainings  for medical devices Tomas has 7 years’ experience as a Project Manager in the Life Science area. Tomas has experience and background in leading roles […]



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