Kristine Frederiksen

Kristine Frederiksen, DKMA

Medicines Inspector at Danish Medicines Agency (DKMA) Kristine is a Medicines Inspector at DKMA, she is specialized in inspection of companies working under GMP, GDP and CAN standards. She has been at the Danish Medicines Agency for 6 years. Before that she worked in different companies in the pharmaceutical industry for +10 years. She holds […]

Thomas Noe Vestergaard Pedersen

Thomas Noe Vestergaard Pedersen, DKMA

Team manager and Medicines Inspector at Danish Medicines Agency (DKMA) Thomas is a Team Manager for a team of 18 medicines inspector at DKMA. He has been at the Danish Medicines Agency for 9 years. Before that, he worked for +10 years in different pharmaceutical companies. He holds a Ph. D. degree in Exotoxicology and […]

Laurence O’Leary

Laurence is Founder of ValidEire ApS and has over 20 years working in Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices. Laurence has a long‐ track experience in QA, Compliance, Cleaning Validation and Process Validation roles. He presently works as a Contract Validation Specialist. He is a seasoned trainer inhouse for all of his previous clients in Compliance subjects […]

Per H. Damgaard

Per H. Damgaard

Dr Per H. Damgaard is the president and owner of GMP4Pharma. For the past 24 years he has worked as Vice President of GMP inspections, head of QC lab for both API and finished goods (parenteral), and as QA Manager for API production, as well as Lead Auditor. Dr. Damgaard received his PhD in microbiology […]

Hasse Herlevsen

Hasse Herlevsen, is owner and senior consultant at the consultant company He has a Master of Science in Pharmacy, a Bachelor of Commerce and IMD Top Management Education. In addition to that, Hasse has 33 years of experience in Quality, Development, Operations and Laboratories from both big pharma, mid-size pharma and a small biotech […]