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Are you a group in need of the same training? Do you wish to customize a standard course to better suit your needs?

All of our public courses are available in-house. We provide customized and tailored courses and training within all our expertise areas. Our team of experts have the knowledge and experience needed to build training sessions relating both to the compliance need of your organisation and type of operation.

Why choose an In-house course?

If you are more than 6-7 attendees it is just as cost effective to arrange for an internal course as it would be to attend a public course. We offer our internal courses online, on site or at a location near you.

Your needs

In order to better understand your needs, we would like you to take these questions into account when contacting us with regards to a booking request.

  • What topics?
  • Level: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Refresher?
  • How long since the last training?
  • Experience and knowledge level in the group. Homogenous or varied?
  • How many participants? If many, max group size?
  • Are there any specific routines that need improvement?
  • Do you wish for a preliminary study, audit or diagnostic test?
  • Would you like a verification test after the training?
  • Duration?
  • When?
  • Where?

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