FREE Webinar! Mastering the regulatory maze – Introducing Gate2GMP®

20 min free webinar In the 20-minute top-level webinar we will demonstrate an easier way to find relevant regulatory guidance using our unique document library and database Gate2GMP®: Mapping the fragmented landscape of GMP-guidance Explaining why using Gate2GMP® will help you find the right guidance faster, much faster! Case study: Answering difficult QA/GMP-questions with Gate2GMP® […]

Welcome Kjell Willhed to join our Clinical Development Team

Kjell Willhed

Kjell holds an MSc in Biology from Gothenburg University and is a Registered Nurse. Kjell is an experienced clinical project leader with experience both from pharma (II-IV) and medical device, with experience both from the manufacturer and the CRO (contract research organization)  side.  Main expertise within managing clinical investigations (ISO 14155), monitoring of sites, data […]

Welcome Andrea Björkman to join our Clinical Development Team

Andrea Björkman

Andrea has joined the Clinical development team as medical writer and information specialist working mainly with clinical evaluations. She holds a PhD in medicine from Karolinska Institute and has more than 10 years of experience from life science research within the fields of clinical immunology and cancer biology. She looks forward to contributing with her […]

Welcome Anna Szczepkowska to join our Quality Assurance Team

Anna Szczepkowska

Anna is a well-organized, curious, and solution -oriented political scientist, who previously studied Bachelor’s Programme in Languages at Uppsala University with the main focus on the English language. During her professional life, she has worked as, inter alia, an administrative assistant, customer service agent, and archivist at the medical technology company. The last position has […]

Welcome Jocelyn Åkerberg to join our Quality Assurance Team

Jocelyn Åkerberg

Jocelyn has a BSc in Medical Technology and worked for Pharmacia Upjohn/Pfizer for 5 years. During 2005-2016 she worked in the Medical Device industry, and in 2016 she started her career as an Auditor/Technical Specialist in Microbiology for the notified-body BSI in Germany. From 2018 Jocelyn worked as a Product Specialist/Auditor for Active Implantable Medical […]

We welcome our new co-worker Maria Victoria Ruiz Pérez

Maria Victoria Ruiz Pérez

She will strengthen our growing consultancy services with focus on area business Biological Evaluations and Toxicology. María Victoria (Mariavi) is a doctor in Cellular and Molecular Biology that comes from an assignment as assistant Professor at the Department of Microbiology, Tumour and Cell Biology, Karolinska Institutet, where she worked as a cancer researcher with focus on […]

New office in Gothenburg

We are happy to announce the opening of a brand new office in Gothenburg. Last year we moved in to the new head office in Stockholm and simultanousely we opened an office in Lund. Our business is growing and we need an office in western Sweden and the location next to Chalmers University of Technology […]

Welcome Magnus Jahnsson – Our new director Training & Courses

Magnus Jahnsson

After a long career in the pharmaceutical industry Magnus has decided to focus on the field closest to his heart – training. He has been working both in the pharma industry and for the EMA; in different areas, ranging from R&D to Regulatory Affairs, via manufacturing and Quality assurance. Most recently Magnus worked as Consultant […]