Dr. Klaus Kehne

Dr Klaus Kehne studied Pharmacy at the University of Karlsruhe and got his PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology from the University of Heidelberg. After having acted as Head of Galenical Development of a small company he has been employed for 18 years in Pharmaceutical Development of a big German pharmaceutical company. As a pharmacist specialised on pharmaceutical technology he initially worked in solid dosage form development prior to start up a clinical supplies department from the scratch. In this area he acted as a Qualified Person.

Since 1999 he has been responsible as managing director of a german affiliate of an international Clinical Supplies service provider and contractor.

In 2002, Klaus co-founded and became Partner with PharmLink Consultants, a niche consultancy, focussing entirely on IMPs preparation with all its numerous aspects.

Finally, in 2007, Klaus co-founded and became Partner with CS2 – Clinical Supplies Consulting Services – where he continued the business from PharmLink Consultants together with his colleague and Partner Dr Andreas Fischer.

In these positions he developed concepts for optimisation of the Clinical Supplies preparation process by implementation of new technologies into the supply chain. His comprehensive experience on how to significantly improve patient and investigator site's compliance and thus success of the clinical trials in general led him develop innovative logistic and packaging concepts.

Since Klaus is experienced with the specific problems and their respective solutions and issues both from the contract giver and contract acceptor point of view he is a specialist in focusing on pragmatic operative solutions with proven feasibility rather than relying on mere theory. Klaus is well known as a profiled speaker and chairman at numerous events of different organisations. He is renowned as a Clinical Supplies training expert in US and Europe. Klaus is furthermore acting as a lecturer within the curriculum for continued qualification of pharmacists in Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharmaceutical Analytics.